i have not been a writer.

; a desperate update.

Freya Anjani
2 min readJul 21, 2023

isn’t it such a writer thing to say? you are not a writer until you keep proclaiming that you are, while no words have come out of you since the previous year.

the pages in my journal are empty, and my notes app is not as busy as usual. i am empty.

it’s sad really, because all i used to do is write. i write and write until i don’t feel like i want to throw up anymore. i write until i cant feel anything anymore. i write until the pages are full and i am free.

i think my body is growing up faster than my brain can catch up. but i’m eternally surprised every time i revisit this profile to see that my nontifications are always full, and there are always new responses, new you. why? i don’t know. but i’m grateful.

take this as a desperate update and a plead. to readers old and new, that i am here. i lurk. i am trying to write again, and you will see it, one day.

thank you for reading the words i vomit.

good bye for now < 3

PS: if you remember my prose, Blue Striped Sock… it’s being made into a short movie, that will premiere this September :3 if you’re interested in seeing how much Blue Striped Sock has been appreciated in other forms of art; look at this highlight on my Instagram.



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